I remember the days when radio had just gotten popular in Ghana, just around the early 90’s. A lot of ministers went live, especially on Radio Gold. Preacher after preacher, sermon after sermon, it was great to hear the word of God being preached every time. The most exciting parts of it were early morning worship songs, sung by great singers and wonderful devotionals that ministered to your spirit. This had such great impact.

In my generation (new millennia) this trend continues, but the level of impact is no longer the same. A lot of things have changed. I am no longer an active radio listener and there are thousands of young people just like me, rather, I’m an active internet and mobile user. One of the very first things I do after praying when I wake up, is to pick up my smartphone, read my bible and have my devotion (quiet time). Secondly (in some cases) I check for notification from Whatsapp, facebook or twitter. With a single swipe of my thumb over my mobile phone’s screen, I decide on what notifications I have to act on. With one click, I can read an entire Faceboook article (just like this one) or a Whatsapp message. Why can’t this be the same for the ever living word of God? Why can’t I receive messages from my pastor or cell/group leader. Why can’t I have a word in season pop when I wake up from bed. You might say What’sapp already does that, but the question is, do we really read “those kinds of messages” when they are shared with us?

What if there was a dedicate app for all my spiritual/church related stuff, will I read it with more seriousness, rather than being lost in a maze of other notices and information?

To be continued…….


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