I know most of us do not read these “Types of long christian messages”, it feels annoying some times. So what if it was coming from the right channels, like our pastors, or spiritual leaders?

The habit of checking first checking our mobile phones when we wake up, or receiving christian messages (sometimes very lengthy) has come to stay, and rather than fight it as a Kingdom, let us find ways of making it better and enabling the church impact generations (this millennia) using the technology/internet as a tool. To stress this point, there is an entire generation of people who repeatedly spend most of their time on their mobile phone. What scares me is not the habit, but the fact that many do not have the chance to easily get that spiritual food that was once abundant in the active days of radio, not to say radio is dead.

Better put, we are not bombarded with much of the word on mobile and web like we get on radio. Why shouldn’t we, when the world is blasting with a lot of sexually charged and immoral images, sound and text? Why should you go web as a church? The world has so much filth online than the word online. If we will protect the chosen once, then a child of God in this millennia should be able to have morning devotion with messages from his pastor or listen to that wonderful podcast expounding on the word throughout the day. The church should make this transition now. The more it delays, the more souls are lost to the sins of the internet.

To make this seamlessly possible for you, Asoriba has provided a free mobile app to your entire congregation, allowing them to receive daily devotionals from you, the Pastor and Shepherd of their souls.

Asoriba Web App

In addition, members can easily get event notifications, announcements and the ability to send prayer request (anonymous if they like) to their pastor. This is the time the church should go mobile/online and make the word of God available to an entire generation. To experience this, try out asoriba now and make the impact you have always envisioned. Stay blessed.

Asoriba is a web and mobile application that enables effective church administration for leaders, and seamless engagement with members

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