Pay Tithes & Offerings From Your Phones

Pay Tithes & Offerings  From Your Phone


Digital giving has proven to be more convenient, easily accessible to church members and also found to increase church contributions significantly. Having partnered with global payment processors, Asoriba assists your church members to seamlessly make contributions or pay for their tithes and offerings to the church’s bank account directly. Members can use Mobile Money (MTN, TIGO, AIRTEL & VODAFONE CASH), Visa, MasterCard, Express etc.

Why is this necessary to your Church as a leader?

  • Convenience and ease of donation
  • Direct bank deposit of money into churches account
  • Automatic update of church financial records
  • Tracking of individual giving history
  • Analysis and reporting of nation wide giving partners
  • Real-time tracking of tithes, offerings and welfare contributions
  • Easy fund raising and setting of targets when raising funds.
  • Instant access to accurate, real time contribution of members
  • Smooth follow up and collection of pledges from members
Still not convinced that this is important to your church?
In Ghana alone, 20% of adults have mobile money (5 million mobile wallets), kenya 58% , Tanzania 34% and Rwanda  17%. These numbers are rising speedily by the day. This means most people are increasingly using less cash each day. So on a typical Sunday, a member may not have physical cash to give, but electronic money. As a church you must make provision for this member to make such payments easily and instantly into you churches bank account. As your technology partner, Asoriba makes this possible via your Church’s mobile app found on the playstore.
The most important benefit of going electronic is that, a member can fulfill his Godly duty anywhere and anytime with great ease.

All this possibly via Asoriba’s web and mobile app, and our partner companies:  Expresspay, Mpower, Slydepay, Interpay, Interswitch etc.


Click to signup for your church, or call us for a walk through. You may also login to explore. Have an anointed new year and God richly bless you!

The Asoriba Team

Effective church management & seamless member engagement.
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