Church Financial Management

Financial Management.


When we (Team Asoriba) set out to build Asoriba, we quickly realized that, most of our churches were actively and passionately using notebooks to record church finances. This wasn’t safe, effective and scalable. What happened if that particular book got missing?
In some churches, excel was being used, this was at least better than note books, however, it still limited you to information you entered into the sheet, plus you always needed that computer or laptop to work.
The benefits Asoriba’s financial management feature provides to your church is unprecedented. It virtually replaces your bank statement and church account books. Let me show you.

From the finance feature, you can do the following:

1. Create multiple accounts for tracking transactions (income and expenditure).
2. Record all income and expenditure, whiles tracking who entered it and what time it was done (Security).
3. Record pledges church members make and automatically send them reminders on their phones.
4. Integrated with our mobile app and payment functionality, each payment made via mobile money or cards(Visa, MasterCard etc.) reflects on your report in real time.
5. Instantly to see who is giving, when it was paid, how much was paid and how it was paid.
6. Record and see financials from all your branches, no matter where they are in the world
7. Record different currencies.
8. Send contributions to council, diocese or head quarters from your accounts (Coming soon)
You can record pledges of members easily. They can pay for it via mobile money or Cards (Visa, Master, etc.). This is done through the mobile app.

Asoriba Mobile App

Having partnered with global payment processors, your members can make donations to the church’s bank account directly.

Hope you love these new features, call us for a walk through or login to explore. You can also sign up now. Happy new year and God richly bless you!

The Asoriba Team

Effective church management & seamless member engagement.
Call  +233-242-561793 | +233-264-895066


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