Asoriba platform cuts communication costs in half at ICGC Open Gates

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For Pastor Kennedy Baffour from Open Gates ICGC church in Accra Ghana, shifting to Asoriba’s church management platform meant cutting the cost of communicating with church members in half.
We used to pay 50 Ghana cedi’s per month on phoning church members and now we only spend 25 Ghana cedi’s on communication with members,” said Pastor Baffour. This saves Open Gates 300 cedi’s each year.
According to him the church now has the option of directly and consistently communicating church program activities to members, while reminding them of events and making announcements.
Connecting more with church members have increased the fellowship among our congregation” said Pastor.
He said more effective communication with church members also meant a significant increase in church attendance and activities.
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Since we shifted to the platform, which enabled us to communicate directly with church members, our Friday prayer meetings are attended by 20% more people. More church members are also attending our Sunday evening service” said Pastor.
He said that the application is also helping the church to streamline its administration.
Asoriba’s platform has made it easy for us to change membership details and to add more members” said Martina Konadu Boakye, secretary at Open Gates.
Pastor said that church members feel more appreciated and special now that they get birthday messages on their birthdays and receive personalized messages on their cell phones.
The platform allows us to capture and know all the birthdays of our members” he added.
According to Pastor the church also finds the easy-to- use donation service on the platform beneficial.
We have loyal church members who moved to other cities but still wish to support our church through donations. The Asoriba app makes it very easy for these supporters to continue supporting us financially without having to travel long distances to donate money to us.
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