Asoriba Mobile App Goes Social Soon

Written By Isaac Amoh-Agyebeng

Among the many reasons people join churches is the fact that it encourages fellowshipping but with a growing church, this becomes increasingly difficult to achieve. Most often than not, you would find that two congregants sitting next to each other in the church auditorium might not even know each other’s names. This is an error and the Asoriba mobile app has a solution to correct it.

The Asoriba mobile app gives church members the opportunity to follow other members in the church. For instance, a member would get to know that another member (he/she is following) just had a baby or would be missing the next church service once a post to that effect is shared by the one being followed. You also get to comment or “like” his or her posts and keep some rapport going on. The fact that people who do not even belong to your church can check in to know your ongoing and upcoming events is even a good opportunity to reach a wider audience.The Church is supposed to be a community and the Asoriba mobile app makes it more connected.

Following Churches

Sundays shouldn’t be the only days that the church has contact with members; Asoriba makes it possible for people to follow their churches and other churches that they can relate to on a daily basis. Members can access devotions, announcements and media posts shared by their churches to keep them updated and engaged. The days of having to call a friend to find out whether a church meeting is going to take place are over! Pastors or church leaders can tell how many church members received the messages they posted and they are also able to see comments and “Amens” from members. It is a whole new level of active engagement between the church and its members – fellowshipping just got better!


Following Ministries

Apart from churches, members can also follow ministries on Asoriba. It is a fact that the Church represents the body of Christ and this body has many parts that perform special functions to keep it in good shape. Just like churches, ministries also have a following who need to be regularly updated with ongoing activities and upcoming ones. And again the Asoriba Mobile App makes it possible.Sign Up your church now to be part of this wonderful experience:

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Asoriba is a web based church management application designed to enable effective church administration for leaders, seamless engagement with members via content to a mobile app, easy communication via SMS and email, while providing an easy electronic/digital giving alternative for church members.

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