Asoriba Goes Social

Now more than ever, mobile app developers  are focusing on creating delightful user experience.To help inspire our users we’ve made  changes to the Asoriba  mobile app. Asoriba recognized the need to create a great mobile experience for you our users hence making our mobile app more social.We improved and introduced new and exciting features on our mobile app.

Introducing Forums.

Forums is a great way to connect with members and close friends.Discuss topics and as an Admin decide if you want to keep it private in the settings.Features like forums,notifications and sharing of videos can help you communicate with other Christians or members within your church and stay up to date easily.


Feeds: As a member you can now see and “Amen” posts from your church in your timeline as well as that of other ministries or members you are following.Again you get to have your own profile and can share God’s word in the form of text,photos and videos every now and then.

With the app designed for the christian community,it is now easier to reach a target group when planning out a christian event and even sell out tickets through our mobile app hence allowing potential attendees stay informed and updated on these events.


Make new friends on Asoriba,connect with other Christians and Ministries by joining/following to view and receive content shared by them. Relationships just got even more exciting with Asoriba.


With a whole christian community at your disposal,the Asoriba mobile app  is now handy for promotional packages as you can reach target groups

We understand the church is a family,that is why we have made it possible to connect with other Christians,ministers,churches and leaders through our mobile app.

Being a christian is now more exciting.!

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