Written by Isaac Amoh-Agyebeng

The rate at which one bumps into apple phone users is like playing Zuma at level 40 – the balls just keep coming at you like crazy! iOS is gradually becoming a third force behind android and windows phones in Africa. It is therefore only fair that Asoriba doesn’t deny the iOS community of a release.

The iOS version of Asoriba was released on January 30, 2017, the very day GH-Asoriba was launched in grand style at the Holiday Inn Hotel, Airport, Accra. All iOS users can now download Asoriba by typing “Asoriba” or “Asoriba app” in the search box on the apple store. Good news is that it is free!


Asoriba allows churches to post content such as devotions, events, announcements and other forms of media broadcasts to their members and followers. It is also possible for members to follow churches, ministries or even follow other individuals on Asoriba. One can join groups in the church, join temporary groups which we call “forums” for topical discussions and also make donations into their church’s account via mobile money, Visa Card, Master Card and a range of other digital payment platforms.



Finally, everyone on Asoriba gets to post their own content; devotionals, videos, audios, pictures and subsequently share them on other social media platforms.



There is a lot more to experience on Asoriba! Click the link below to download on the apple store.

try now


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