Church Attendance Monitoring Just Got A Lot More Easier

Written by Isaac Amoh-Agyebeng

Gone are those elementary school days when we used to carry plenty alcoholic and non-alcoholic bottle tops and sometimes stones, all packed in 50kg imported Uncle Sam’s rice bags to school to be used as counters. It was so tiring carrying them to school and even got more stressful when you were counting and you forgot how many you had already counted and had to count all over again… urrrghh…! It was such a relief when one got to High school and had the chance to use digital calculators.

Checking attendance during church services has been a challenge over the years as ushers and deacons have had to use the elementary approach of having to walk through large congregations to do head-counting which is usually fraught with many inaccuracies.

Asoriba says this inconvenience can be avoided and so has introduced a breakthrough technology for church attendance monitoring. Whoop! Whoop!
The Asoriba Check-in function can be accessed by church administrators on the Asoriba web application (Attendance > Attendance Settings) and on the Asoriba mobile app by the church members (My Church > Check in > Scan QR Code).

The Asoriba Check-in service has been made so flexible that it comes in five different modes; USSD, QR Code, NFC, biometric and manual check in.

USSD Check-in: A simple two or three digit code is generated for every service/service session and members type in the code on their mobile phone via  USSD code *714*25# (in Ghana) and *134*433# (in South Africa), with default Church ID being 500. 

QR CODE Check-in: The Asoriba web application is used to generate a unique QR code for each service/service session and subsequently printed and pasted at vantage points for church members to scan using the Asoriba mobile app on their phones.

NFC Check-in: A simple technology device that comes with an accompanying tag/sticker. The NFC device is put at vantage points in the church premises and church members show their NFC tags/stickers (probably placed at the back of his/her personal mobile phone or Bible) to the device.

BIOMETRIC Check-in: The biometric details of church members are taken and stored on the web application and the thumbprints of church members are taken every time they are attending a service which is instantly matched with the database and added to attendees of that particular service.

MANUAL Check-in: An admin logs into the church’s Asoriba web application account and manually records attendance against the names of church members by either searching for their names (already existing members) or adding their names to the database and recording that they have attended the service (new or visiting members).

The Asoriba web application allows for analysis based on demographics, and specific service’s patronage trends as well as forecast on church growth to help our Church Leaders take strategic decisions.

Technology is supposed to make life more productive and easier. Asoriba Check-in simply makes church attendance monitoring a worthwhile exercise and not the usual headache it seems to have become for a lot of churches.

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