Written By Vannessa Mpere

Days come and go but birthdays and anniversaries come once in a blue moon. Imagine how appreciated your church member would feel if they received warm wishes on their special days from the head pastor himself, it would make them feel so appreciated and important.

happy anniversary

All year round members celebrate their birthdays and different anniversaries and most of them don’t get wished. Ever thought of how simple it will be to be able to wish all these members on their individual birthdays. Say a church population of about 4,000 members and you want to wish all of them on their special days. We are excited to introduce our Reminders section on the Asoriba app which allows you to create birthdays and anniversaries templates to wish all your members on their special days.


Sometime back, church leaders had to spend time going through members details to wish them on their birthdays which was nearly impossible for very large churches. The usual we know is on a Sunday service where members who celebrated their in that particular month are invited and wished. But the good news is now every member can be wished on their individual birthdays.

How is that possible? Very simple! Once you have the details of every member on Asoriba, all you need to do is to create a birthday and an anniversary template in the reminders category on  Asoriba  and your warm wishes will be automatically sent on their respective birthdays.


lady smiling

Isn’t this a great way to connect to your members more.


try now

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