Grow your Church with Reports on Asoriba

In recent times we more often than not find churches preparing reports in the process of evaluating and reaccessing their churches for long term planning.Slowly going by is the use of sheets of papers in keeping records and as such it is only wise to start implementing appropriate tools that would give you an insight into the true state of your church as well as help give a forecast into what the future holds.

overwheelmed with reports

It’s been a long time coming and we are happy to say our “Reports” feature is finally up and running.

Most people know what Reports are but do not see the need for their church to use one.But as a church leader,reports help you know where you are as a church and also provides direction towards where you intend to be.

Asoriba’s reports feature not only helps keep the lines of communication between the church leader and the church clear but it also provides accurate information on all the categories of the  app such as Membership, Attendance , Finance,  and Communication in a very clear and simple form .

Also as a church leader Asoriba’s report feature will help the you build credibility with your members.

This tool provides the church with all the needed information on the true state of the church hence a church that decides to let it’s members access to the state of affairs  helps win their trust.This goes on to communicate how honest the leadership is in how ready they are to communicate the true state of affairs to members and asoriba provides just the right tool to help you do this.

To access the Reports,

  • Go to ‘’Reports” on your dashboard


  • Select System Reports

In Data Reports and Analysis“:


  • Select the Type of report you wish to generate(i.e Membership,Attendance…) and choose the district/branches you want to create the reports for in the dropdown.
  • Click on “Run Report



Reports can also be viewed in graphs or charts,providing a clearer representation of the state of your church.

line chart

bar chart

Are you having issues generating accurate reports or accessing them from all the various branches?

Then Reports on Asoriba makes that possible.Update yourself on the activities with reports from all your branches with no interference .

As a founder of your church chances are no one is going to bug you for that annual report.But that is what will set you apart from the rest.Holding yourself accountable to this kind of commitment is what will help you grow your church.

 Sign up on Asoriba now and enjoy seamless church administration.

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