Introducing Forums;a new way to connect on Asoriba!

Connecting with your church and friends on Asoriba just got a whole lot more exciting.Check out new features such as Forums,one-on-one  chat and Saved posts.

Foums :a new way to connect

Want a fun way to share or exchange ideas,ask questions, and share experiences?Then forums on asoriba lets you do so.  Engage with members of your church and the christian community on relatable topics in areas of  Salvation,Love ,Relationship and more.

Stay up to date with your church and the christian community at large by approving to receive notifications in the topic settings.




To join a Forum,tap on =  icon on the upper left coner of your home screen and select forums.You can then choose your preferred topics of interest and join in the discussion.You would see in real time the comments made on the chosen topics.Contribute by using the “Enter a message “bar.

NB//To follow conversation in real time,tap on the “settings’’ icon next to the forum topics to get notified with new contributions as they come in.You can also unfollow by choosing ”NO” in the forum settings to stop notifications.

forums settings.png

Personal Chat:Connect on with one-on-one chat.

At the end of last year we launched asoriba as a social app.To even help you connect more with your church and the christian community we have launched  a chat feature within the app.Feel like connecting with your pastor or  member directly?Then asoriba allows you reach out with ease.We would love to see how fast members can connect with their leaders and the church.


Saved Posts:Bookmark posts you want to revisit later

Most of us find ourselves taking screenshots of pictures but find no means to do so for audio or video files.Asoriba has a new feature that allows you  save not only that devotional or announcement but also all  your favorite audio and video posts .This  new update allows you save that favorite post or song and watch later.
save post.png

Simply tap on the icon on the upper right corner of the post in your feed you want to save.To view saved posts,tap on the = icon and go to saved posts to view all the posts you’ve saved.

We hope you like these new features just as much:-]

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