Your Favourite Christian App Just Got More Awesome

We’re super excited about the latest release of the Asoriba mobile app! Our growing community of young, dynamic Christians have enjoyed several amazing features in recent months: from saving memorable content, introducing private messaging and beefing up the experience on the Asoriba forums.

We also had a major  activity throughout the month of October: we joined Christians around the country (and some elsewhere in Africa) in reading the book of Proverbs. All these were possible because of your commitment to our community and many platform improvements that we rolled out.

Today, we present the latest update of Asoriba.

The first thing you’ll notice is a change in the main interface. Previously, Asoriba was organised into three sections: your Newsfeed, your Church and your Church donations. For many of you whose churches are not yet using our amazing Church Management Solution, your experience on Asoriba was limited to the Newsfeed and the friends you followed and of course, our forums.

This Christmas, Asoriba brings your friends much closer to you. For those who don’t belong to any church on Asoriba, the Church tab has been replaced with a list of suggestions you can scroll and search through. Finding people you care about should be easy. We’ve worked on that!

In a move to enrich the conversations we have on our platform, Asoriba’s messaging features – the Forums and Private Messages – now include their own emoji keyboard. Just like you have on WhatsApp, your favourite 😯,🙄 and 😘 are now just a tap away. No more wishing your Android keyboard shipped with an emojiboard! 😂

Even better, Asoriba now lets you send images while chatting! Yes, we heard you and we did it!

We’re also giving you more control over your notifications: Private Messaging and especially Forum notifications. You can still join the conversation when you have time, without being buzzed every moment someone says “Hi” on the Asoriba forums. More power to you!

You’ll notice another significant change in our user interface on Android: the menu which opened with a swipe from the left of your phone’s screen has been shifted to its own tab to the right of the application. This should make it a bit easier to reach and scan through to quickly get to what matters in the app. There’ve also been significant improvements in searching on Asoriba: with a simple swipe, you can choose between searching for people or churches to check out and join.

Previously, donating to a church or ministry through Asoriba was restricted to registered members of the church, or people who specifically joined the ministry. This had been a problem for users who weren’t comfortable “joining” another church just to donate. We thought hard about this, and decided to make a major improvement with this release.

Now, anyone with a debit card or Mobile Money can donate to any church or ministry on Asoriba. This is such a big deal for us, and a breakthrough for the hardworking men and women of God who dedicate their lives to providing amazing content on your favourite Christian app.

There’s so much to talk about in this new update, we cannot contain every amazing improvement in one blog post. This is why we introduced perhaps our favourite feature! From this update onward, we will be sharing with you, directly through notifications, awesome tips on things you can do on your app.

This is content like you’ve never experienced before. With this new release, Asoriba makes content and personal connections richer and more engaging.

See you on the new update!


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