Instant calls to all;an alternative to sms

Can you imagine how your members would feel if they had a personal voice call from the pastor? Asoriba in collaboration with Kirusa makes it possible to reach members instantly and get prompt responses from them by the introduction of this new outbound dialing service.

Now, this is how you reach your entire congregation via voice calls or pre-recorded  audio file(s):


3.Your member  gets an incoming call that plays your pre-recorded audio message when answered.odbb.png

The advantages of using this service are many;

First, the overwhelming and burdending feeling of calling each and every member is dealt with. With up to 60 seconds, you can communicate more information than you could over text.

Second, you get to communicate undiluted time-sensitive information, preferably in your own voice. You get the attention of all your members almost immediately, especially when you are communicating time-sensitive information which require high levels of trust from members.

Also, you are assured of getting a higher response rate because your members feel a personal connection with you through the voice call. In fact, there’s no better way to reach your members besides a personal call.

Another plus is that you can schedule voice call campaigns and be in complete control over when they should be delivered so you can increase response rates. In cases where phones of members are switched off or inaccessible, messages are sent via text requesting the member to dial a short code to listen to the message for free.

It is also worth noting that the system sends delivery reports showing the status of every voice call sent to the sender. The status of answered calls, unanswered calls and unreachable numbers are shown.

Lastly, the members get to see the name of who the call is coming from. Asoriba will require you to use a valid phone number which must  be verified as the sender ID.

How wonderful it is to get members placing more value on the information they receive. Waste no time, upload that prayer, prophetic declaration, announcement or motivation and schedule or send them now!


try now


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