Five ways to save time on Asoriba

Ever feel like there’s not enough time to complete your activities? Whether you already have structures in place or have the need to create measures to ease your work load, these five features on Asoriba are sure to make your members feel cared for,help you save time and ultimately make you fulfilled.

  • Member Age Actions

migration 1

It is extremely hard for the church to manually monitor the ages of it’s members especially for the children’s ministry and youth wing. On asoriba, the stress of doing this is ruled out. Automatically move members from one group to another when they reach a particular age at just a click of a button!

How  to use this; Admins select actions that automatically transfer members who attain a certain age into specified branches, groups or departments within the church. For instance, transfer a member from Teens Ministry to Adult Church when he/she attains the age of 20.

Church administrators who tested the release in the pilot say the auto-triggers feature is a time saver – some even say it is God-sent. You should try this out and see!

  • Member Absent Actions.



Like the member age actions, this feature can be the first level of follow-up in reaching out to members when they are absent from church.

How  to use this;

 Under auto triggers, church admins can configure messages to be sent to members who do not show up to church services .

  • Message scheduling


We’re all busy and tend to forget but using asoriba should help eliminate forgetfulness. Schedule announcements, devotions, events and sermons if you tend to forget or are in the habit of postponing but never really get around to doing it.

How to use this:

After creating your message in new broadcast, uncheck the “send now” icon and go on to select the prefered date and time you would like these messages to be sent.

When you feel it’s too early or too late to send that announcement or message, Schedule  so it never slips.

  • Birthdays/Anniversaries


    When members’ dates of birth/marriages (wedding dates) are provided in the database, church admins can set up customised birthday/anniversary SMS and/or push messages that would be delivered automatically on a member’s wedding anniversary or birthday.

How to use this:

Configure birthday/anniversary messages in Message templates in the autotriggers section on Asoriba.When this is done,members receive messages on their birthdays or anniversaries.Save yourself the stress of doing  this manually.

  • Assigning specific roles to specific admins

We believe in the saying ;”Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much”.And we believe one way each church can maximise the use of asoriba is assigning separate admins specific roles. Assigning individuals to use specific features such as communication, etc not only

assigning roles

saves you time but also gives each administrator a sense of responsibility.

How to use this;

Under admin settings, located in the Settings feature, grant administrative permissions to other users.

Rather than spend time doing all the work, employ the addition of other administrators to ease your work load. You’ll save time and ensure everyone knows what they’re responsible for.

We’re all busy and we all forget but employing these features on asoriba can mitigate the issue of forgetfulness and save you tons of time.

 When you’re busy every second counts !


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