Geolocation is Here!!

Written By Dzifa Elorm Amenyitor



Afua has the habit of getting to church late and anytime she gets to any of the entrances, she has to spend extra time to check in with either her fingerprint or tag.  Already running late, she also has to spend extra time at the entrance to check in.

Technology as we have come to  know is designed to get the most done with less manual work. And that’s exactly what Asoriba aims at as we announce our latest update, the Geolocation Check In.   

 You no longer need to join a queue at the entrance, check to see if you brought your tag to church or even dial a check in code during service, your mere presence at church  does the trick. 

Our Geolocation update allows you to check in to any service from your mobile app based on your location (which should be your church premises). Continue reading “Geolocation is Here!!”

A Caring Church Never Forgets!

A Caring Church Never Forgets!

Written By Isaac Amoh-Agyebeng


The other time, all the passengers aboard a ‘trotro’ (public transport bus) felt sorry for one young lady who had to alight at a distance that was about 3 km ahead of her supposed destination. The funny reason being that she was fast asleep. She looked so tired and worn out. One woman in the middle seat asked her, “Why, are you a secretary?” The shy-looking lady nodded in agreement and responded, “Auntie, our work is not easy oo… hmmm” She got down and we continued our journey. Some young men in the back seat kept saying in Twi, “Secretaries abr3 oo… Girls nso nso abr3!” Literally, “Secretaries are tired… Girls are also tired!” This whole incident sparked a long conversation about the tasking job of secretaries and forgetfulness. Stories were even told of a woman who once locked up her child in the back seat of her car for several hours before she remembered what she’d done.

heart sinking

Forgetfulness is a common thing but it doesn’t always result in common errors or mistakes. Sometimes, it can cost one a very valuable relationship, item or opportunity. If you think I’m exaggerating just for the sake of writing, forget to lock your door or forget the birthday of your better half or girlfriend/boyfriend and you will know how pepper feels on the eye.

For church leaders or administrators, forgetfulness could cost us to lose track of pledges made or even lose a member/soul. Church leaders often  forget to contact first-time visitors after taking their details or forget to remind members who made pledges during fundraising events to redeem them. Worse of all, we sometimes totally forget about members who haven’t attended services for weeks. The Fact is, we are human and are bound to forget. But in this age of technology, should there not be some tech solution of a sort to save us the hustle? Well, read on because Asoriba’s new auto-trigger feature is the solution.

The auto-triggers feature can be found under the main “Reminders” feature in the Asoriba web application.All you have to do is to create the templates, configure them and auto-triggers does the work for you. You will love this whole new smooth release because it brings so much ease. (I hope you caught my rhyme.)

Below are a few among the numerous situations which Asoriba’s auto-triggers feature does the magic:

Birthdays: When members’ birth dates provided in the database, church admins can set up customised birthday SMS and/or push messages that would be delivered automatically on a member’s birthday.

Anniversaries: When members’ dates of marriages (wedding dates) are provided in the database, church admins can set up customised anniversary SMS and/or push messages that would be delivered automatically on a member’s wedding anniversary.

Church Attendance: Church admins select options under “Attendance Trigger Configurations” to configure automatic messages for member/visitor church attendance or absenteeism.

Payments & Pledges: Financial secretaries or church admins select options under “Finance Trigger Configurations” to configure customised messages in the form of receipts/appreciation SMS or push notifications (to members who make donations) or redemption reminders (to members whose pledges are due for redemption).

Age-related Member Transfers: Admins select actions that automatically transfer members who attain a certain age into specified branches, groups or departments within the church. For instance, transfer a member from Teens Ministry to Adult Church when he/she attains the age of 20.

Church administrators who tested the release in the pilot say the auto-triggers feature is a time saver – some even say it is God-sent. You too have to test it and see.


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