Instant Data Collection Service

Written By Omega Amponsah

Great news! With lots and lots of work and constructive feedback from our cherished customers, we are super excited to introduce our instant data collection service.This as a means of collecting data from members would go a long way to ease the work of administrators and also cut down on time spent after church services for data collection to the benefit of Churches and members.

Previously, Church Leaders and Administrators had to design,print and distribute data collection forms to all it’s members and this process has a lot of problems written all over it. Even if these leaders could convince their members to take the pain to comply with this cumbersome approach, gathering all this information captured on papers for a congregation size of say 5000 members was another hurdle. As if that is not enough, to use this data meaningfully, long hours of sitting coupled with stress had to be spent just to enter this data on excel.

But now, with the explosive growth in the availability of mobile phones in societies around the world and even in Africa, this feature has become a need on Asoriba and is already proving to be of great value to our customers.With internet being a major challenge in our parts of the world,the ussd would allow church leaders or admins have their member details in real time without the use of the internet,as all that is needed is a GSM phone.


Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) is a technology that would allow members to enter their details through the use of short codes consisting of a number that starts with * and ends with #. Asoriba would then generate a combination of numbers unique to your church which members would enter onto their phones.Responding to a series of commands and entering their member details,church admins would be able to access the information entered by members readily on their Management Solution.try nowOne major advantage of using this feature is the speed and accuracy involved as church admins no longer have to go round taking details of members individually,as this is done all at a go.

Members may, at a general level, already be quite comfortable using a mobile phone (and indeed may be using their own personal device)as such they are less likely to make mistakes  as opposed to someone else doing so for them.

How great is this,admins can now do away with inaccuracies in data collected,ambiguities and the time and effort spent in showing members how to fill out  forms.

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Pay Tithes & Offerings From Your Phones

Pay Tithes & Offerings  From Your Phone


Digital giving has proven to be more convenient, easily accessible to church members and also found to increase church contributions significantly. Having partnered with global payment processors, Asoriba assists your church members to seamlessly make contributions or pay for their tithes and offerings to the church’s bank account directly. Members can use Mobile Money (MTN, TIGO, AIRTEL & VODAFONE CASH), Visa, MasterCard, Express etc.

Why is this necessary to your Church as a leader?

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To provide superior customer service to you, we have made provisions for you to call our Office FREE OF CHARGE from our website. In partnership with Toky, we will also provide this solution to your church website upon request.

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