Grow your Church with Reports on Asoriba

In recent times we more often than not find churches preparing reports in the process of evaluating and reaccessing their churches for long term planning.Slowly going by is the use of sheets of papers in keeping records and as such it is only wise to start implementing appropriate tools that would give you an insight into the true state of your church as well as help give a forecast into what the future holds.

overwheelmed with reports

It’s been a long time coming and we are happy to say our “Reports” feature is finally up and running.

Most people know what Reports are but do not see the need for their church to use one.But as a church leader,reports help you know where you are as a church and also provides direction towards where you intend to be.

Asoriba’s reports feature not only helps keep the lines of communication between the church leader and the church clear but it also provides accurate information on all the categories of the  app such as Membership, Attendance , Finance,  and Communication in a very clear and simple form .

Also as a church leader Asoriba’s report feature will help the you build credibility with your members.

This tool provides the church with all the needed information on the true state of the church hence a church that decides to let it’s members access to the state of affairs  helps win their trust.This goes on to communicate how honest the leadership is in how ready they are to communicate the true state of affairs to members and asoriba provides just the right tool to help you do this.

To access the Reports,

  • Go to ‘’Reports” on your dashboard


  • Select System Reports

In Data Reports and Analysis“:


  • Select the Type of report you wish to generate(i.e Membership,Attendance…) and choose the district/branches you want to create the reports for in the dropdown.
  • Click on “Run Report



Reports can also be viewed in graphs or charts,providing a clearer representation of the state of your church.

line chart

bar chart

Are you having issues generating accurate reports or accessing them from all the various branches?

Then Reports on Asoriba makes that possible.Update yourself on the activities with reports from all your branches with no interference .

As a founder of your church chances are no one is going to bug you for that annual report.But that is what will set you apart from the rest.Holding yourself accountable to this kind of commitment is what will help you grow your church.

 Sign up on Asoriba now and enjoy seamless church administration.

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Seedstars World Ghana Winner, Seedstars World Africa Winner, Best StartUp Ghana, and now Asoriba wins Technology StartUp of the Year at the Ghana Premium Awards. Yaaaaay!!!!!!  Four awards and still counting in the first two years of a startUp life.



The Premium Bank Ghana Startup Awards which is in its 2nd year is designed to recognize and reward the works and contributions of startups to the Ghanaian economy and also create a thriving community of startups collaborating and empowering the StartUp Ecosystem.

More than 150 startUps in Ghana were up for awards in various categories including Media, Agriculture, Health, Education, FinTech and Technology. The event, which was  held at the Movenpick Ambassador Hotel in Accra was sponsored by Premium Bank, in partnership with The HelpStation, KPMG, IConceptsPR, Avance Media, Edel Consult, Kumasi Hive, HapaSpace, MEST, GhanaThink Foundation and TentMaker Ghana where Asoriba emerged winner as best technology startUp.
Patrick Ohemeng Tutu, one of the Co-founders and the Chief Technology Officer of Asoriba had this to say, “This is very enlightening and  validates what we’ve been doing over the last two years. As the head of technology, I’m excited our name is going out there and our technology is making impact as well .It’s all to the glory of God and we hope we become the household name for all churches in the years ahead of us”.


Asoriba’s Web and Mobile Platform  is constantly proving to be the ultimate solution for churches and christian organisations to effectively manage their administration and minister to their flock while creating a tighter christian community.

Our vision remains unchanged and that is, winning souls through technology.If your church is still not on Asoriba, Sign Up now and experience the  seamless church solutions we can offer you..

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Written By Vannessa Mpere

Days come and go but birthdays and anniversaries come once in a blue moon. Imagine how appreciated your church member would feel if they received warm wishes on their special days from the head pastor himself, it would make them feel so appreciated and important.

happy anniversary

All year round members celebrate their birthdays and different anniversaries and most of them don’t get wished. Ever thought of how simple it will be to be able to wish all these members on their individual birthdays. Say a church population of about 4,000 members and you want to wish all of them on their special days. We are excited to introduce our Reminders section on the Asoriba app which allows you to create birthdays and anniversaries templates to wish all your members on their special days.


Sometime back, church leaders had to spend time going through members details to wish them on their birthdays which was nearly impossible for very large churches. The usual we know is on a Sunday service where members who celebrated their in that particular month are invited and wished. But the good news is now every member can be wished on their individual birthdays.

How is that possible? Very simple! Once you have the details of every member on Asoriba, all you need to do is to create a birthday and an anniversary template in the reminders category on  Asoriba  and your warm wishes will be automatically sent on their respective birthdays.


lady smiling

Isn’t this a great way to connect to your members more.


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Church Attendance Monitoring Just Got A Lot More Easier

Written by Isaac Amoh-Agyebeng

Gone are those elementary school days when we used to carry plenty alcoholic and non-alcoholic bottle tops and sometimes stones, all packed in 50kg imported Uncle Sam’s rice bags to school to be used as counters. It was so tiring carrying them to school and even got more stressful when you were counting and you forgot how many you had already counted and had to count all over again… urrrghh…! It was such a relief when one got to High school and had the chance to use digital calculators.

Checking attendance during church services has been a challenge over the years as ushers and deacons have had to use the elementary approach of having to walk through large congregations to do head-counting which is usually fraught with many inaccuracies.

Asoriba says this inconvenience can be avoided and so has introduced a breakthrough technology for church attendance monitoring. Whoop! Whoop!
The Asoriba Check-in function can be accessed by church administrators on the Asoriba web application (Attendance > Attendance Settings) and on the Asoriba mobile app by the church members (My Church > Check in > Scan QR Code).

The Asoriba Check-in service has been made so flexible that it comes in five different modes; USSD, QR Code, NFC, biometric and manual check in.

USSD Check-in: A simple two or three digit code is generated for every service/service session and members type in the code on their mobile phone via  USSD code *714*25# (in Ghana) and *134*433# (in South Africa), with default Church ID being 500. 

QR CODE Check-in: The Asoriba web application is used to generate a unique QR code for each service/service session and subsequently printed and pasted at vantage points for church members to scan using the Asoriba mobile app on their phones.

NFC Check-in: A simple technology device that comes with an accompanying tag/sticker. The NFC device is put at vantage points in the church premises and church members show their NFC tags/stickers (probably placed at the back of his/her personal mobile phone or Bible) to the device.

BIOMETRIC Check-in: The biometric details of church members are taken and stored on the web application and the thumbprints of church members are taken every time they are attending a service which is instantly matched with the database and added to attendees of that particular service.

MANUAL Check-in: An admin logs into the church’s Asoriba web application account and manually records attendance against the names of church members by either searching for their names (already existing members) or adding their names to the database and recording that they have attended the service (new or visiting members).

The Asoriba web application allows for analysis based on demographics, and specific service’s patronage trends as well as forecast on church growth to help our Church Leaders take strategic decisions.

Technology is supposed to make life more productive and easier. Asoriba Check-in simply makes church attendance monitoring a worthwhile exercise and not the usual headache it seems to have become for a lot of churches.


Written by Isaac Amoh-Agyebeng

The rate at which one bumps into apple phone users is like playing Zuma at level 40 – the balls just keep coming at you like crazy! iOS is gradually becoming a third force behind android and windows phones in Africa. It is therefore only fair that Asoriba doesn’t deny the iOS community of a release.

The iOS version of Asoriba was released on January 30, 2017, the very day GH-Asoriba was launched in grand style at the Holiday Inn Hotel, Airport, Accra. All iOS users can now download Asoriba by typing “Asoriba” or “Asoriba app” in the search box on the apple store. Good news is that it is free!


Asoriba allows churches to post content such as devotions, events, announcements and other forms of media broadcasts to their members and followers. It is also possible for members to follow churches, ministries or even follow other individuals on Asoriba. One can join groups in the church, join temporary groups which we call “forums” for topical discussions and also make donations into their church’s account via mobile money, Visa Card, Master Card and a range of other digital payment platforms.



Finally, everyone on Asoriba gets to post their own content; devotionals, videos, audios, pictures and subsequently share them on other social media platforms.



There is a lot more to experience on Asoriba! Click the link below to download on the apple store.

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Asoriba Goes Social

Now more than ever, mobile app developers  are focusing on creating delightful user experience.To help inspire our users we’ve made  changes to the Asoriba  mobile app. Asoriba recognized the need to create a great mobile experience for you our users hence making our mobile app more social.We improved and introduced new and exciting features on our mobile app.

Introducing Forums.

Forums is a great way to connect with members and close friends.Discuss topics and as an Admin decide if you want to keep it private in the settings.Features like forums,notifications and sharing of videos can help you communicate with other Christians or members within your church and stay up to date easily.


Feeds: As a member you can now see and “Amen” posts from your church in your timeline as well as that of other ministries or members you are following.Again you get to have your own profile and can share God’s word in the form of text,photos and videos every now and then.

With the app designed for the christian community,it is now easier to reach a target group when planning out a christian event and even sell out tickets through our mobile app hence allowing potential attendees stay informed and updated on these events.


Make new friends on Asoriba,connect with other Christians and Ministries by joining/following to view and receive content shared by them. Relationships just got even more exciting with Asoriba.


With a whole christian community at your disposal,the Asoriba mobile app  is now handy for promotional packages as you can reach target groups

We understand the church is a family,that is why we have made it possible to connect with other Christians,ministers,churches and leaders through our mobile app.

Being a christian is now more exciting.!

Asoriba Mobile App Goes Social Soon

Written By Isaac Amoh-Agyebeng

Among the many reasons people join churches is the fact that it encourages fellowshipping but with a growing church, this becomes increasingly difficult to achieve. Most often than not, you would find that two congregants sitting next to each other in the church auditorium might not even know each other’s names. This is an error and the Asoriba mobile app has a solution to correct it.

The Asoriba mobile app gives church members the opportunity to follow other members in the church. For instance, a member would get to know that another member (he/she is following) just had a baby or would be missing the next church service once a post to that effect is shared by the one being followed. You also get to comment or “like” his or her posts and keep some rapport going on. The fact that people who do not even belong to your church can check in to know your ongoing and upcoming events is even a good opportunity to reach a wider audience.The Church is supposed to be a community and the Asoriba mobile app makes it more connected.

Following Churches

Sundays shouldn’t be the only days that the church has contact with members; Asoriba makes it possible for people to follow their churches and other churches that they can relate to on a daily basis. Members can access devotions, announcements and media posts shared by their churches to keep them updated and engaged. The days of having to call a friend to find out whether a church meeting is going to take place are over! Pastors or church leaders can tell how many church members received the messages they posted and they are also able to see comments and “Amens” from members. It is a whole new level of active engagement between the church and its members – fellowshipping just got better!


Following Ministries

Apart from churches, members can also follow ministries on Asoriba. It is a fact that the Church represents the body of Christ and this body has many parts that perform special functions to keep it in good shape. Just like churches, ministries also have a following who need to be regularly updated with ongoing activities and upcoming ones. And again the Asoriba Mobile App makes it possible.Sign Up your church now to be part of this wonderful experience:

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Asoriba is a web based church management application designed to enable effective church administration for leaders, seamless engagement with members via content to a mobile app, easy communication via SMS and email, while providing an easy electronic/digital giving alternative for church members.