Geolocation is Here!!

Written By Dzifa Elorm Amenyitor



Afua has the habit of getting to church late and anytime she gets to any of the entrances, she has to spend extra time to check in with either her fingerprint or tag.  Already running late, she also has to spend extra time at the entrance to check in.

Technology as we have come to  know is designed to get the most done with less manual work. And that’s exactly what Asoriba aims at as we announce our latest update, the Geolocation Check In.   

 You no longer need to join a queue at the entrance, check to see if you brought your tag to church or even dial a check in code during service, your mere presence at church  does the trick. 

Our Geolocation update allows you to check in to any service from your mobile app based on your location (which should be your church premises). Continue reading